Friday, January 9, 2009

Moola - Get rich by doubling pennies

I just registered with Moola. What is Moola ?
Well Moola is a site that gives you a penny and the opportunity to double it until you want to withdraw the fortune you made :-)
They will give you a penny and you can double your money by playing different games versus other people and their penny. You can play Hi-Lo, Roshambo and Gold Rush. Each time you will gamble with all the money in your play account to hopefully double it. If you drop back to zero Moola will give you a new penny to start with.
You can also do surveys to increase your bank roll.
The site is earning money by showing ads and you can withdraw your winnings either by check or paypal. I guess it is no way to get big (as promised by the ladder they show) but it is a nice website to play some fun games for money.

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