Wednesday, October 29, 2014

After 3 weeks of farming BTC/satoshi

Well about 3 weeks ago I posted about getting BTC or let's be honest fractions of BTC for free. Now, I didn't farm or harvest them every day since then. More like about 10 days so far and some of the better faucets I just added recently to the list and my routine. Let's break down how I did so far.

wallets paid total
microwallet faucets 16190 116318 132508
BTC25 21043 70489 91532
Moon Bitcoin 8404 39985 48389
Daily Free Bits  19985 0 19985
Bitcoin Zebra 3600 28300 31900
sum 69222 226792 324314

The microwallet account includes all of the rest of the list. The BTC25 account is just one day of farming which is amazing. And if this keeps up it'll be awesome. I nearly made as much in one day as with the rest of the list in a week.

In the end this equals to roughly one dollar right now which sucks but maybe the BTC price will go up again. If the BTC25 goes on with those numbers I might just concentrate on that and 2-3 more.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Getting Bitcoins for free

There are a couple of sites giving away bitcoins or more like fractions of bitcoins (called satoshi) for free. Most of them give away around 200 satoshi per hour. So if you farm all those sites you get about 19000 satoshi per hour.

Faucet Amount Wait Avg / h
Moon Bitcoin fills up 5 min 400
Bitcoin Zebra 100 - 1000 1 hour 300
Bitcoinker  100 - 300 15 min 800
Pink Tussy Bitcoins 250 - 25000 1 hour 300
Flying Faucet 100 - 10000 1 hour 200
Running Faucet 80 - 10000 3 hours 100
RTube 100 - 1000 1 hour 200
BIG Coin 100 - 1000 2 hours 100
Best BTC Faucet 30 - 3000 3 hours 50
Coin checkin 10 - 10000 5 min 250
Daily Free Bits  100 - 1200  1 hour 200
scratch4satoshis  225 - 50000 15 min 2000
BTC25 525 - 6951712 25 min 12000  100 - 5000 1 hours 200
YourFreeBTC 1000  1 hour 1000
FairyFaucet 200  5min - 1 hour 400
CROWSBTC 600 - 300000 50 min 1250
Spin the Wheel 50 - 50000 15 min 300
Rob Coins 125 - 1000 1 hour 300
BitcoinGenie 250 10 hours 25

You may also try the Ore Mine which is a game giving away Bitcoins but it seems to have high withdrawal fees.


Found maybe the best faucet so far:
scratch4satoshis  225 - 50000 15 min 2000 / h

Update 2:
Even better sounds the following site:
BTC25 525 - 6951712 25 min 12000 /h

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Niche site - small project

It's been a long time since I posted the last time. I want to reactivate this blog to trace a small project I want to do for the next 11 weeks. Another blog just did a little challenge building a new niche site from scratch. I'll try and do the same and write down my thoughts and progress here.

So the challenge to build this niche site starts today and ends on 8th of September. I'll do a small write-up every week (whenever possible on Monday).

First step is to select a niche and possible affiliate products. In my case I choose "Smoothie" as a niche. Now you might say that is not really a niche more of a pretty broad keyword but I'm targeting german traffic. I checked with Google Keyword Planer and it gets around 45k searches per month and it seems like it's still possible to get a good google ranking for the keyword. I also found a possible product on Superclix affiliate network which I can promote.

I created a first site on google sites and will create some articles and recipe sites there. I plan to include pictures as often as possible to gain traffic via image searches too. I linked the site with my google analytics account and we'll see how the traffic will develop.

Let's see how much money I can generate in those 11 weeks ... and as you might have noticed I'm trying to do so without investing a single cent. All will be done using free services from Google and other free sites.

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