Thursday, February 2, 2017

Superclix and Amazon Challenge - Result

So finally here are the results for the Superclix and Amazon Challenge. And surprise surprise I lost. I only made 1,51€ while my opponent made ~30€. He made most of it with just one niche side called promoting a cheap Amazon product. I already paid my bet and we will do another challenge from January to end of June. This time counting all online incoming.

And i'm going to crush him this time. I started right after New Year and made a very stream lined approach for some quick cash. I did send ~300 unique visits to one high paying product on superclix in about a week. Didn't get a single sale and was frustrated and changed the product. Checked my account just now and see two open sales. If they get approved I'll write a detailed report how I made it and show it step by step...
This would give me a huge lead in the current challenge. My opponents next niche side most likely won't make any money until next christmas.

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