Monday, July 26, 2010

entrecard - why you should drop your card

as you might already know from my previous post i use entrecard. i wrote a short description about how entrecard works here. today i wanna show you some results if you use entrecard and how much traffic you can expect just by dropping entrecards on other blogs.
there are three reasons you should drop cards. and you should drop many and frequently.
1) each drop earns you one credit - which can be used to advertise on other blogs. so if you drop enough cards you can get a lot of incoming links to your site each day.

2) most people are going to have a look at your blog after you drop a card at their site. have a look at the following screen shot of my stats.

the last graphic shows the number of cards i dropped on other blogs. now let's have a look at that last peak and what happened after it. i dropped 120 cards on that day. and received a total of 36 cards over the next 4 days. plus a total of 33 clicks to my blog from entrecard. as you can see i did not have any adverts running at this time so all this cards and clicks are a direct result of my own dropping.
i did get about one click for every 4th card i dropped. with the possibility to drop up to 300 cards each day this would result in about 75 clicks from entrecard alone. that's a good way to generate some traffic for any blog and especially newer or smaller blogs.

my next step will be to analyze how effective the adverts are working and if it's better to invest in one expensive advert or multiple cheaper ones.

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