Monday, June 1, 2015

Income Report - May 2015

Earnings in May 2015 ... and olders for reference

Tracking my earnings here for reference of other small timers. These are my various online money makers that I use. I have different blogs all hosted on blogger and a small niche site also hosted by google for free. I use Adsense, Amazon and Superclix to generate some passive income from those sites. Sadly this month has been very bad. Some of the affiliate programs I used on Superclix ended. So no money from them. I'll have to generate new content there. Adsense and Amazon have always been low for me. Need to just keep going and creating content there.
My biggest money makers right now are a mix of active and passive income. Also the biggest income from Marketglory is income from shares of the game. All this money is always reinvested into more shares.
But here are the numbers for May and all previous income (so I can always show a running total and you see that there is some passive ad money flowing in every now and then).

Site Older May Total
Adsense 1,39 € 0,00 € 1,39 €
Amazon 4,84 € 0,00 € 4,84 €
Superclix 10,99 € 0,00 € 10,99 €
Cashcrate 15,63 € 0,00 € 15,63 €
Marketglory 80,59 € 1,90 € 82,49 €
Total 113,44 € 1,90 € 115,34 €

Bitcoin / BTC

I'll also keep track how much Bitcoin (BTC) I got each month. I'll keep it separate from my other income as I keep it in Bitcoin right now. Those are collect from various faucets mentioned in in my earlier post here.

Bitcoin Faucets   0.00274500 BTC  (right now ~ 0.58 €)

I also started mining again with Minergate which runs in the background most of the time my pc is running. Running it while your pc is not needed to do anything else is not worth it as your electric bill will eat up those BTC easily.

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