Thursday, October 11, 2007

Free Sites on the FiveDollarWiki

The FiveDollarWiki is giving away sites for free....all you need to do is blog about it.

Now go and post about it yourself and grab your site while it is still free. Blogging about it well then also lead to an increased traffic of the wiki and therefor more traffic for you.

Just make sure you leave a comment on his blog to make sure you get your site.

PS: the FiveDollarWiki might look like a bit cheap right now...but it is all about the content and the traffic. And i guess he might get as much visitors as his bigger and more expensive brothers...And designs can be changed easily ;-)
That is something i have in mind for my own blog as well....

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

DealDotCom JavaScript Widget Update

I changed the background of the widget to be white, so you do not have to set the background on your own. I also checked the sizes of the product picture again. I always thought that the picture will have the same size every day but it seems like that it is changing. I adjusted the code so the picture always takes the same space and the widget will not be chopped at the lower end.
I am going to make a wide banner as well within the next few days.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Different sizes of the DealDotCom Widget

After the javascript widget for DealDotCom is released, i am curios if you would like different sizes of the frame ? Do you like a wide banner ?
Please leave a comment with your preferred size of the widget, so i can make new widgets of the requested sizes.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Free Product Of The Day At DealDotCom! Every day DealDotCom will give away a copy of their product of the day to a member for free. So i case you are not a member yet, you should head straight to DealDotCom and sign up.
Remember DDC is paying you a 35% commission on tier 1 and 15% commission on tier 2 for life. And with the DDC widget it is easy to display the current product on your blog or website and refer new members.

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