Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I learned from 'the apprentice' about generating traffic

I have to admit that I really like watching 'the apprentice' (the uk version of the show - nothing against mr. trump and his wonderful hair I just think the uk version is way more interesting). Most of the show is pure entertainment but every now and then some helpful advice might be hidden.

1) Buy as low as possible
This sounds like a no-brainer but it is very important and we often might accept the price given to us. I was using Adwords to get some traffic to one of my websites and noticed that I used the suggested bidding price given by google to be on the first search page. It might be nice to be on the front page for a google search but it is totally unnecessary. Even with a way lower price my site still received lots of hits and I got way more traffic to it with the same budget.

2) Give freebies
To get things rolling give freebies of your product or related to it away. Either as a big giveaway on your website or better directly to important bloggers in your niche. This way they might post about you and/or your product and will get your name to a large audience. Don't overdo this technic as it might be seen as spamming but whenever you have a good strong product ready send a sample to those with influence in your branch.

3) Location, location, location
In many selling tasks this is key to success. You have to find a place with as much traffic as possible of the right audience for your product. But if your 'product' is traffic where is the right place to be?
Well in the internet one place is nearly as good as the other (besides having a strong domain name for your website which helps a great deal with SEO) but I am talking about incoming links. You want to place links at places with high traffic of your potential customers. How do you get those without paying for them? Be a active and helpful member on other blogs or forums. Post comments which are related to the topic at hand and include a link to a related article on your site. This is way more effectiv than leaving random posts with just your signature. Even if those get past the spam filter they amount of people following those links is very little.

Even if those might sound trivial and obvious they are important helpers in generating traffic for your website.

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