Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - Faucet plus BTC lottery


Found another really nice BTC/satoshi faucet called You can claim every 60 minutes and it's paying up to $200 in BTC. Of course to reach that you have to be very lucky. They payouts look something like this:

chance satoshi
0,9885 257 254,0445
0,01 2571 25,71
0,0008 25715 20,572
0,0004 257149 102,8596
0,0002 2571487 514,2974
0,0001 25714873 2571,4873

So the EV (expected value) per try as ~3500 satoshi which is a lot. Of course most of the time you'll only receive 255 which is still good for an hourly payout at an faucet.

BTC Lottery

In addition to that there is a lottery every couple of days which is worth a couple of BTC (yes, BTC not satoshi) for the lucky winner. You receive two tickets for every faucet claim you make. Or you can buy tickets of course. That's of the last drawing looked like that:

Lottery EV
tickets 89749484
satoshi 655617598
EV per ticket 0,73049735

Yes, that's more than 6 BTC played out. Jackpot was 3,28 BTC !!!
As you see the average value of each ticket is only a fraction of a satoshi but as I said it's a free giveaway on top of each claim.


You also receive two reward points for each claim you make. Reward points can be traded in for BTC, giftcards from egifter, electronics like smartphones or bonus lottery tickets and bonus payings on your faucet claims.

For only 32 RPs you can boost your faucet claims by 10% for 24 hours. Which seems to be the best value as far as I have analyzed them.
Or you can choose to boost the amount of RPs you receive for the next 24 hours for 12 RPs. Which of course only makes sense if you are able to claim at least 13 times in that time frame.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Testing out MyFreeShares and LeadsLeap

I'm currently testing out two programs to earn some extra money and get traffic. Both are around for some time and have proven that they are legit and are paying.


MyFreeShares website looks a bit dated and often shows text links only but it is a proven PTC (payed to click) provider. Meaning you get payed to click and view other websites. You either receive some fractions of a cent or so-called shares. Depending on the number of shares you have you are also receive money each day (while returning 1% of your shares). So even if you don't click on a given day you still might get some money from your shares.
Just like with CashCrate you can also do certain tasks, watch videos or do surveys to earn money or shares. They often have the same tasks available. So far after 3 days I made the following:
Total Cash Balance: $ 0.1229
Total Shares Balance: 1.5825


Now LeadsLeap is a mix of traffic exchange and PTC network. I actually found it while earning on MyFreeShares. If you click the displayed Ads you earn credits which can be used to display your ad to the rest of the network or exchange for cash. The advantage is that members are rewarded to view the pages longer. So you don't hop off the page as soon as your click has been registered.
You may also include their widget into your website or post for a free traffic exchange just like that:
I'll monitor both sites until the end of the week and keep you posted how much I made during that time. If you already got experience with those sides I'd be happy to hear about it. Or come along and try them and report how successful you are using them.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

BTC faucet case study: bitcoinker vs moonbitcoin

Last two weeks I noted down how much satoshi I collected from my two favorite faucets (bitcoinker and moonbitcoin) and how many clicks that took me. So here are my results for those 14 days of farming BTC.

bitcoinker clicks per click moonbitcoin
clicks per click

2302 343 10 230
5789 53 109 2675 418 10 268
5767 50 115 2163 0 8 270
5037 45 112 1997 302 7 285
0 0
0 311 0
0 0
0 672 0
4522 50 90 2362 412 7 337
0 0
501 372 1 501
4597 47 98 1927 253 6 321
717 9 80 1900 262 7 271
5111 53 96 2149 375 7 307
0 0
534 279 1 534
0 0
0 281 0
3499 44 80 1952 280 6 325

98 20462 4560

I made a total of 65202 satoshi in those two weeks. Most of it was collected at bitcoinker faucet but it also required a lot more clicks. Each claim is worth ~100 satoshi there. While the average claim amount at moonbitcoin was ~300 sathoshi. If you just click once a day you'll receive around 500 satoshi each day. If you click at least once a day that amount also increases 1% each day up to 100%.

Happy fauceting...!!!!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Reached my first payout at CashCrate

I reached the payout on CashCrate after doing some surveys and signing up to some free browser games. YEAH...

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Price of Monero (XMR) is so good it makes sense to mine again

With the exchange rate of the crypto currency Monereo (XMR) being so high (1XMR ~ 8 €) it makes sense to mine again. So everytime I'm using my PC right now I also start my miner for the MinerGate pool.
I also just got a Raspberry pi zero which consumes very little power and I might set it up as a permanent miner.

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Superclix and Amazon Challenge - Update #3

New update about the Superclix and Amazon Challenge. Sadly no income at Superclix for me but I made 24 cents with the Amazon partner program. He didn't make any money this month so I closed the gap a (tiny) bit. Traffic for my blog has increased again but not enough and I'm still not selling enough products. I haven't started with the two new niche sites as I planned to so that's still on the list and should help improve my numbers.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bitcoin challenge: Moon Bitcoin and Bitcoinker 100000 satoshi each

Making money on the internet requires consistency. And with some bitcoin faucets this is a requiment to earn bigger amounts. So to motivate you and me I'm starting this tiny contest and give away some extra satoshi to the winner(s). It will be two different contests each awarding 100000 satoshi to the winner and a link with your referal code on this blog.

Moon Bitcoin

Biggest daily loyalty bonus until end of year wins. Post a screenshot of your highest daily bonus percentage from moon bitcoin.

claiming satoshi on moon bitcoin faucet

If multiple people show the same daily bonus the first one wins. I think my highest point was something around 38 or so. Be sure to store your screenshots each day because you never know when you are unable to claim and fall back to 0%. Post the screenshot at your blog/site (or just upload to and include your BTC address and moon bitcoin referal code.


At bitcoinker the winner is selected by highest amount earned on a single day until the end of the year.  Some rules as above apply and your screenshot should look like this:
Here the BTC address and referal code is visible so the screenshot is enough.

Good luck everyone! Hope this helps to motivate you even more to farm those BTC faucets and earn some money on the way.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Superclix and Amazon Challenge - Update #2

Second update about the Superclix and Amazon Challenge. The first full month has passed and it's time to check incomes from all participants again. Sadly I have another zero to report while my opponent made 5€ on Superclix. We both made nothing on the Amazon partner program. Traffic for my blog has increased but so far no leads to any of the products. I need to increase my effort and create more content for the blog and start with the two new niche sites.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Starting a new niche site

Because my Amazon affiliate traffic is so low on my existing niche site I'm going to start a couple of more sites and blogs. I brainstormed a couple of niche ideas and will create sites or blogs for them in the next couple of weeks.

I'll document the process in this blog and also show my results.

I researched keywords and traffic via the google adwords tool. The keywords I'm aiming for generate about 400 searches per month. And the websites I found aren't really informative so I think adding content should be fairly easy. I also have a couple of Amazon products which fit this niche.

Next step is to create a webpage and write content about the topic. Afterwards I'm going to generate some backlinks and initial traffic.

This should generate some income for my Superclix and Amazon challenge.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Superclix and Amazon Challenge - Update #1

The first two weeks of the challenge are over. I wrote two posts at my blog about german browsergames. Traffic is still low but increasing. No clicks or even signups so far to Superclix from there. My other niche site advertising products from Amazon I didn't do any work and also had no sale there. So I am still at 0€ for the challenge. My opponent at least made something and is currently in the lead with 1,85€ ... Just two leads ahead of me right now. Nothing I can't make up in the next 6 month.

I plan to advertise the upcoming Amazon Prime Day and hopefully can make some money that way. Traffic to the blog should also increase if I keep up posting at least once a week. I'll also create more content for the Smoothie niche site and have another idea in mind that I'm going to implement soon.

Read about the challenge here.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Superclix and Amazon Challenge

Started a challenge with a friend of mine who can generate more money online at Superclix and Amazon. Superclix is a affiliate network based mostly on german or german speaking offers but also some world wide offers. Winner of the challenge is who makes the most money until the end of the year.

I need to get my blog about german browser games up to date and put out new posts on a constant basis. Not sure if I also start one or two new niche sites to promote some products from Superclix. I will post updates about my progess here.

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