Thursday, September 27, 2007

DealDotCom Widget Released

So you are tired of posting about a new deal at DealDotCom day in - day out ?
You want a fancy looking link to the latest product every day ?
But you can not use a wordpress plugin because you do not use wordpress ?
Can not use php on your blog or website ?

Here is your solution: the DealDotCom Widget. All you have to do is insert this code into your blog. If you are using blogger just head to layout and add a new html/JavaScript section and paste the code into it...Done - Well, you better adjust your referrer number. But then you are ready to go.

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
//--></script><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Hope you like it....

PS: Please make absolutely sure that the line 'referrer="XXXX"' is on a separate line in your html code!!! Otherwise the referrer is not tracked correctly

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Anonymous said...

Hi, nice job. Plugin which you create working at any place my site. It can be alternate plugin on blogger or none WP. Thank you.

I attach your plugin at my site:

Anonymous said...

I add a nice tips if your color background not white. You know this plugin set the background to transparent or no color. So, if your color background not white, you can add a div code whith background white. Set widht to 180px and height to 240px.
Vsource my site at

You also can look the code work better on 3rd party site.

Grizzly Brears said...

Thanks for the widget Norman. The bottom is cut off though - any chance of you fixing it? Not that I'm complaining as this is a nice little feature but it would look better.

Good Job regardless,


thegameterrorist said...

Hi Grizzly,

Can you point me to the site where the widget is not working properly ?
It seems to be working fine on all sites i checked.


Henry said...

Doesn't work on my website. When I look at my page source, the script code was there, but not showing anything.

thegameterrorist said...

Hi henry,

Feel free to write me an email at, so we can fix it ...Same offer goes out to all people who have a problem with the widget or have any feedback.


Henry said...

Hi thegameterrorist. I have just managed stripping down bluefur's DealDotCom Wordpress plugin and borrowed your iframe code for use at my site. Thank you.

Henry said...

Hi, just wanna add something. I think your script should be working. I just realized my browser is blocking scripts, which is why I couldn't see the widget. Thanks

Ray said...

Hi this is a great widget. It easy to place on any blog and website. I am currently using in my blog. However it needs a little improvement. It would be cool if the widget changes the deals in time interval, isn't it?

here's my blog site

exel said...

Great widget. I use on my blog


mrsbeast said...

my blog sidebar is very slim. do you have a slimmer version of this widget?

thegameterrorist said...

hi mrsbeast,

how slim is slim ?

right now this is the only version of the widget but i made a post about different dimensions for the widget. so maybe i can make a new version for you and others


mrsbeast said...

it is only 150px, you can check my page to see for yourself here: maybe, a 130px widget size would be the best in my case. thank you for the consideration. i'll be watching for it. thanks!