Monday, June 1, 2009

small time money makers

Here is a small list of some small time money makers. Nothing to get rich over night but all require minimum time investment. Some of them are even more of a fun activity (where you do not a website or blog). So here we go: is a site where you can play various games for small amounts of money. You can also play for fun if you do not feel like playing for money. Or just play the daily freerolls where you can win money without risking any of your own. I just made a cashout of $45 by strictly playing freerolls and the two games I like the most (chuzzle and bejeweled 2). You can either play single games or large tournaments. Not something to get rich but if you like to play some small fun games anyway why not there and get paid to do so.

I guess everybody already knows about entrecard but some weeks ago they started their paid ads and you can now also exchange your entrecard credits for real cash. And it is really easy to get credits. For every entrecard you receive or give away you receive one credit. By dropping alone you can earn up to 300 credits each day. And you will also get credits for displaying other sites card on your blog or site. This way even small sites will low traffic volume can make some cash on the side.

Last but not least moola. Moola is a mixed bag of all different kind of things. Mostly it is a playing site like king but with only a handful of games. These games all have a lot higher element of chance than the ones at The basic concept is that you always play one on one and might double your investment. You will get your first penny from moola (and every time you drop to zero you will get another one). With that first penny you can start doubling by playing or earn cash by doing surveys or participating in cash back programs listed on moola.

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EddieGarcia said...

Interesting post! I never thought about playing games for money. Of course I don't have time to play any games even for free, but it is nice knowing they are out there when I do strike it rich. lol Thanks!

Friends 4 life!

thegameterrorist said...

Well those games only take a minute or so each. Not really time consuming. And as you can't work all day and have to take a little break anyway ;-)

Roy Blacksail said...

i might have to check out Im kind of addicted to small stupid games so if i can get paid for paying them, even if its a little then great

thegameterrorist said...

Hi Roy,

That's exactly my point of view. I am playing these "stupid" games anyway :-) The $50+ are just a cherry on top of the fun.

msmoneybagz said...

I've never heard of a couple of these, will definitely have to check them out! Thanks

thegameterrorist said...

hi msmoneybagz,

i like your site...gotta check out some of the sites you listed. very useful information.

i think you will like moola.

msmoneybagz said...

Sounds good! If you have any questions feel free to email me, the addy is on the blog.

And Im always up for a ref exchange if you find something your interested in :)

Jenny Fletcher said...

We are thinking alike here - people may be inclined to sneer at small amounts of money for things like games or clicking on emails, but it can be profitable when you add up all the little bits you make in a day.

I wrote a similar post in my blog recently, with bags of places you can earn for simple actions.

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