Sunday, June 8, 2008


I finally joined Entrecard...I cause you don't know what Entrecard is here is a quick sum up.
Entrecard is your business card on the web. You can drop your card on other blogs to let them know you are around. Everytime you drop a card or someone drops a card at your blog you receive entrecard credits.
You can use this credits to buy ad space at other blogs. This is a simple and cheap way to get advertised on big and well known blogs. Even the famous Johnchow still has the Entrecard widget on his blog. So if you collect (or buy) enough credits you may even buy a little space on his blog.
On the other hand you can of course earn credits yourself by showing ads from other users. That is a good and simple way to swap traffic with blogs about similar topics. The amount of credits you collect for showing anothers logo depends on the number of people who want to advertise on your site. If 3 people are in the waiting list for your blog it costs them 2*2*2 = 8 credits to buy this spot.
1000 credits are currently traded for $ 3-4 on ebay. So that is already money in the bank if you don't want to advertise on other sites. But for small blogs in think it is best to reinvest your credits and buy some advertisment on a blog with the same topic and alot of traffic.
My next step is to design a nice logo which gets more attention then the standard design provided by Entrecard. Feel free to drop me your card and i'll have a look at your site ;-)

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Marie said...

Nice post describing what Entrecard is. I have dropped a card, hope you can do the same.