Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bitcoin challenge: Moon Bitcoin and Bitcoinker 100000 satoshi each

Making money on the internet requires consistency. And with some bitcoin faucets this is a requiment to earn bigger amounts. So to motivate you and me I'm starting this tiny contest and give away some extra satoshi to the winner(s). It will be two different contests each awarding 100000 satoshi to the winner and a link with your referal code on this blog.

Moon Bitcoin

Biggest daily loyalty bonus until end of year wins. Post a screenshot of your highest daily bonus percentage from moon bitcoin.

claiming satoshi on moon bitcoin faucet

If multiple people show the same daily bonus the first one wins. I think my highest point was something around 38 or so. Be sure to store your screenshots each day because you never know when you are unable to claim and fall back to 0%. Post the screenshot at your blog/site (or just upload to and include your BTC address and moon bitcoin referal code.


At bitcoinker the winner is selected by highest amount earned on a single day until the end of the year.  Some rules as above apply and your screenshot should look like this:
Here the BTC address and referal code is visible so the screenshot is enough.

Good luck everyone! Hope this helps to motivate you even more to farm those BTC faucets and earn some money on the way.

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