Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - Faucet plus BTC lottery


Found another really nice BTC/satoshi faucet called You can claim every 60 minutes and it's paying up to $200 in BTC. Of course to reach that you have to be very lucky. They payouts look something like this:

chance satoshi
0,9885 257 254,0445
0,01 2571 25,71
0,0008 25715 20,572
0,0004 257149 102,8596
0,0002 2571487 514,2974
0,0001 25714873 2571,4873

So the EV (expected value) per try as ~3500 satoshi which is a lot. Of course most of the time you'll only receive 255 which is still good for an hourly payout at an faucet.

BTC Lottery

In addition to that there is a lottery every couple of days which is worth a couple of BTC (yes, BTC not satoshi) for the lucky winner. You receive two tickets for every faucet claim you make. Or you can buy tickets of course. That's of the last drawing looked like that:

Lottery EV
tickets 89749484
satoshi 655617598
EV per ticket 0,73049735

Yes, that's more than 6 BTC played out. Jackpot was 3,28 BTC !!!
As you see the average value of each ticket is only a fraction of a satoshi but as I said it's a free giveaway on top of each claim.


You also receive two reward points for each claim you make. Reward points can be traded in for BTC, giftcards from egifter, electronics like smartphones or bonus lottery tickets and bonus payings on your faucet claims.

For only 32 RPs you can boost your faucet claims by 10% for 24 hours. Which seems to be the best value as far as I have analyzed them.
Or you can choose to boost the amount of RPs you receive for the next 24 hours for 12 RPs. Which of course only makes sense if you are able to claim at least 13 times in that time frame.

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