Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Copy from the winners

We all remember the guy who "invented" the MillionDollarPage. Selling each pixel of his website for one dollar each. It seemed to be a one time opportunity. It was the idea itself and the publicity it generated which drew all the people to the page. It seemed like you can not copy the idea. Well you could but won't get the same attention.
Now there is the MillionDollarWiki. You can buy a page for $100 each. Unlike a normal Wiki only the owner can change the site and its content. So for $100 you get a website for a lifetime (at least the lifetime of the MillionDollarWiki) which will get a lot of traffic because of the unique idea. You can use your space for whatever you like to do and monetize it as you want.
Shortly after the MillionDollarWiki someone noticed the potential and copied it again. Now there is also a MillionEuroWiki. Really perfect move as we all know who is making more out of this. Maybe i should start the MillionPoundWiki ;-). The MillionEuroWiki is also giving away a 16GB iPod Touch for every 25 pages sold.
What do we learn from this ? There is nothing bad with copying a idea. Just make sure you copy something good. Maybe even improve it if you find things you do not like about it. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Just make sure your wheel is more round then all others ;-)

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raithe said...

I launched my startup a bit before the eurowiki. It has the same 'initial' idea, but our goals are completely different, and wordhugger is based on exponential growth, rather than hype. I recommend you take a look. =)

raithe said...

Forgot to add the url.

max said...

Hey guys,

This is shameless promotion:

We just launched http://FiveDollarWiki.com where you can buy links for 5 bucks!

The only difference is money here, the content would be about the same.

This is top secret:

On the sidenote, we are working on our Top Secret, http://OneBuckWiki.com which we will launch in few days but don’t tell anyone yet. Shhhh….

We are also looking for couple people to build content. Basically we will hook you up with free pages and you have to put some good content right away.

You can email me at max [at] fivedollarwiki.com