Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Design of the DealDotCom Widget ready

The new design of the javascript widget for DealDotCom is finally ready. It's really looking great (thx to dubaischeich. don't be afraid of the's all good). The colors match the new DDC scheme and the 3d look with the round corners is really so more up to date.
I hope you also like the new look ? And keep in mind within the next couple of days there will also be a wide version of the widget. Kind of a banner version.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for your help with showing how to insert the code previously.Today i was noticing that the product image is not clickable.The 'deal dot com' heading is clickable but the product image is not.Kindly make the image clickable.



thegameterrorist said...

Hi Alex,

thanks for the feedback. The image is now clickable again.