Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm not dead yet - october stats

Sorry for the lack of updates but my pc is a mess right now. So here are some numbers of my first month blogging. The blog had 222 unique visitors and 407 page views. I guess that is okay after i did not blog a lot. I made 16 cent through google adsense. It's next to nothing but it's all pure profit since the hosting and blogging service of blogger is free. So i made 16 cent by something i enjoy doing....

The DealDotCom widget was doing pretty good. It had 10.780 page views and is included into 48 blogs or websites right now.

The goal is to brake the 20k mark this month. I will change the design within the next couple of days and will release a different size of the widget as well.

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Anonymous said...


This is a really cool widget!...appreciate the good work..


Robin Alex

Anonymous said...


I need your help...i have a wordpress do I add this widget to the blog??Could you tell me how to add or where to paste the code so as to get it to function.Its the first time I am installing a widget...



thegameterrorist said...

Hi Alex,

Do the following steps:

- go to "Presentation" -> "Widgets"
- drag and drop "Text1" to your sidebar
- click the small symbol next to text1 and copy the java script code there
- save and refresh your page

Anonymous said...

hi gameterrorist

thanks for the info...appreciate it!


Blogger said...

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Blogger said...
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