Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting a (writing) routine

With blogging/writing it's just like with all other things in life if you don't have a fixed routine youmight get distracted and go off doing other things....or just hang around and do nothing.
"The time it takes to finish a product will stretch to fill the time to the deadline"
...And if you don't have a deadline that might be forever. So if you don't have specify a time by which you will have something done you might be never starting....Always other occupations will be more important. That's why you should have a fixed routine for important stuff...Just like on a job. So stick to the same time each day or on a specific day in the week to write your blog posts. Or set a time frame by which you want to have finished X posts so you only have to put them online.
Time management is key in many parts of use yours wisely.

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