Thursday, February 24, 2011

Build it and they will come

That's what they want you to believe. Just build a blog and they will come in hordes. Write a bunch of interesting articles and all you have to do is monetize those thousands of visits each day. Well I guess for a few lucky ones this might work. If you have new and helpful content. But even then you need some people to spread the initial word. Just a couple of influental "big players" might be enough but chances are they will not be visiting your blog or website at this early stage. First you will need many, many readers who stumple over your posts by accident until you will hit a "critical mass" before your blog is ready to take off. To reach this threshold you will need to work for each and every visit.....or pay for it.
I think there is something like active and passive traffic. As with earning money the passive way is so much better. Passive traffic will come to you because you:

  • have people following your blog (because you established your name)
  • have tons of incoming links (because you established your name)
  • have tons of search traffic (because you have very good content, expert SEO, and even more incoming links)
Now what is active traffic ? That is the traffic you generate by going out and advertise your blog:
  • By exchanging links with other blogs in your niche
  • By participating in traffic exchange programs
  • By submitting articles to directories
  • By spaming, I mean leaving comments on other blogs or websites
  • By flat our paying for it

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