Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Contest#1.1 - review my blog

I'm still a bit disappointed about the feedback to my first contest. But we'll just try it again and make it simple this time.

What can you win ?
1st place: Ad spot (125x125) on my blog until the end of the year
three random entries will get 1000 ECs each

First place will be selected via vote on this site. Other prizes I'll do a draw from all entries.

How do you win ?
All you have to do is post a review of my blog on your blog or website and leave a comment here linking to that post. Your review should include the following points:

  • general blog review
  • best post and worst post
  • at least one improvement suggestion
Voting on the entries will start on 18th of september and will last until 25th of september.

Good luck to all....

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Blog Promotion said...

Here is my review:

thegameterrorist said...

thanks for your honest review. i liked your input and hope that i can improve my blog by using your input. i just transfered 500 ECs to you for being the first to enter the contest.

Blog Promotion said...

Thank you, I received the credits, I hope that you have a successful blog, it can be done just be persistent.

lee said...

hi, you are one of my top dropper last august. thank you...

Kadir said...

Perfect contest!!! Hope I will participate in couple of days...

thegameterrorist said...

hi kadir,

welcome aboard. remember that three people will get 1000ECs just for participating. so right now you got a pretty good chance to be one of them ;-)