Wednesday, October 29, 2014

After 3 weeks of farming BTC/satoshi

Well about 3 weeks ago I posted about getting BTC or let's be honest fractions of BTC for free. Now, I didn't farm or harvest them every day since then. More like about 10 days so far and some of the better faucets I just added recently to the list and my routine. Let's break down how I did so far.

wallets paid total
microwallet faucets 16190 116318 132508
BTC25 21043 70489 91532
Moon Bitcoin 8404 39985 48389
Daily Free Bits  19985 0 19985
Bitcoin Zebra 3600 28300 31900
sum 69222 226792 324314

The microwallet account includes all of the rest of the list. The BTC25 account is just one day of farming which is amazing. And if this keeps up it'll be awesome. I nearly made as much in one day as with the rest of the list in a week.

In the end this equals to roughly one dollar right now which sucks but maybe the BTC price will go up again. If the BTC25 goes on with those numbers I might just concentrate on that and 2-3 more.

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