Thursday, June 30, 2016

Superclix and Amazon Challenge - Update #1

The first two weeks of the challenge are over. I wrote two posts at my blog about german browsergames. Traffic is still low but increasing. No clicks or even signups so far to Superclix from there. My other niche site advertising products from Amazon I didn't do any work and also had no sale there. So I am still at 0€ for the challenge. My opponent at least made something and is currently in the lead with 1,85€ ... Just two leads ahead of me right now. Nothing I can't make up in the next 6 month.

I plan to advertise the upcoming Amazon Prime Day and hopefully can make some money that way. Traffic to the blog should also increase if I keep up posting at least once a week. I'll also create more content for the Smoothie niche site and have another idea in mind that I'm going to implement soon.

Read about the challenge here.

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