Friday, August 6, 2010


A couple of days ago I posted about my goals for this month and one of the items on my action list was to finally do a contest to help generate traffic. Here is it! And because I just recently found a nice way to make some change on the side by reading articles the objective of this contest is also set.
The winner of the contest will be determined by who can make the most money via readbud in two weeks. What is the prize for the lucky winner...because as we all know there can be only one. Whoever wins will get:

  • A 125x125 link banner on this blog until the end of september
  • 1000 Entrecard credits
If you want to take part in this contest all you have to do is make a short blogpost about the contest on your blog whichs shows your current readbug balance (so people who already made some money there don't have an advantage) and then leave a comment here with a link to this post. On saturday in two weeks you should make another post on your blog showing how much you earned until then.
I'll do a shoutout on my blog to the top five and how much they made and the first will receive the prize. Good luck to all of you!!

Update: The first three joining the contest will receive 400 ECs each just for joining.

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