Monday, August 16, 2010

Halftime results

August is half way through it's time to check how I'm on my way to achieve the goal I set me. My goal for august was to get 1000 visits for the month. So far I only got 273 visits so I'm not on target so far. Also I think some of the effects should be kicking in later in the month. Let's check my list of actions:

  • be active on entrecard => check ... 178 visits where from entrecard + 19 from entrecard ads
  • implement a new design => still open :-(
  • do a contest => check ... I started my first contest, but I am not happy with the results so far. Until now not a single person entered and it only lead to ~10 visits from different shout boxes where I announced it. Plus 15 visits from a comment I left at one other blog. Any feedback why you don't like the contest or why you think others don't enter is highly appreciated.
  • other actions => I think a very good way is by useful comments on other blogs. So I'll add that to my action list.
So I've got ~750 visits to go in 15 days. Which means approx. 50 per day. The contest is open for one more week and some people really should enter in the last few days. If you are the only one entering you will get 1400 ECs and the ad spot until the end of september. The ad spot is worth at least another ~1500 ECs. Remember even just entering will gain you 400 ECs if you are one of the first three to join.

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RavenGirl said...

thanks for the tips XD

Anonymous said...

Work a little harder with the Entrecard, its easy to get at least 100 clicks per day, I checked out the contest, its a little too complicated for me!

thegameterrorist said...

hi marilyn,

thanks for your do you get 100 clicks a day through entrecard ?? i get about 15 for 150 cards i drop each day...guess i have to redesign my card.

i didn't realize the contest was too complicated. will try something easier the next time.


Anonymous said...

I just return everyone that drops on me, in the beginning I added about 25 a day and see who drops, I am now getting between 150-200 drops per day, and yes, I do return the drop!