Monday, August 3, 2015

Income Report - July 2015

Earnings in July 2015

Another bad month for my income. As always below are my various online money makers. I didn't write any new content for my blogs and the niche site I have to admit. So of course there was little to no traffic to them and absolutely zero sales/leads/income from all those. 
I logged into Cashcrate a couple of times but didn't feel like doing any surveys and there was no offers or tasks to do. Again, my bad. If you don't put in work you can't expect to earn something.

But here are the numbers for July. I include numbers from last month and total for all time reference.

Older June July Total
Adsense 1,39 € 0,00 € 0,00 € 1,39 €
Amazon 4,84 € 0,00 € 0,00 € 4,84 €
Superclix 10,99 € 0,00 € 0,00 € 10,99 €
Cashcrate 15,63 € 1,14 € 0,00 € 16,77 €
Marketglory 82,49 € 1,40 € 2,40 € 86,29 €
Total 115,34 € 2,54 € 2,40 € 120,28 €

Bitcoin / BTC

Made way less this month from bitcoin faucets. About half of my income from last month but I added a new faucet to my list which I haven't paid out to my wallet yet.

Bitcoin Faucets   0,00211792 BTC  (right now ~ 0,55 €)

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